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'77 La Pavoni Professional, low rent special!
Among the first Professional models sold in America.  Probably the earliest we've had.  And the condition of the base kind of reflects that. 
The chrome is missing and pitted in parts of the drip tray area.  It's also missing the original rubber sub-base.  And the steam wand is showing brass from years of wipe downs.  We've stabilized the tray with protective coating, but no way to predict the future.
It's probably a Pavoni we wouldn't normally have for sale here.  But we got it with some other "nicer" machines a while ago, and it was too complete to ignore.  And hey, it's a Professional! 
The pure "earliness" of this one is  kinda kinky if you're a Pavoni geek.  The boiler opening is flat, and doesn't have the braised threaded ring under the cap that all subsequent versions did.  The chrome plating still has the "blue" tint of the earliest Pavonis.  (More chrome and less nickel means bluer, apparently.  Which is why the later Pavoni chrome got lighter colored as time went on.)  
Every month we get emails asking a version of the following question, "Do you ever have anything cheaper?  Like, I don't care so much about the looks, I just want it to work really well???"
We're never entirely sure of the motivation behind those questions, because every month we ask ourselves the same thing, in REVERSE!  "Why don't we sell stuff for more?"  That especially seems to get asked by the female person around here.
So in a nod to the, "We want cheap!  But good!" segment...  A rare "cheap" Pre-Millennium Professional.  Solid, but with a bit of a homely base.
Other than all that, it's not bad!  
All new group seals and gaskets.  It also has a new power switch.  A new pressurestat.  A new plastic drip tray (this year would normally still have a chrome grid.)   
It also has a first generation portafilter (with the cool spouts, and a slightly deeper body) mostly because that's what we had around today!
It's been descaled, lubed, tested and adjusted, and works like a Professional is supposed to work. 
We've lost a few names on "the list," so apologies if you've been waiting to hear about this one before we listed it and missed you.  We'll try harder next time!

'77 La Pavoni Professional, low rent special!

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