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'79 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

The "Rainbow Edition" early chrome second generation Europiccola.


What we have here is one of the last of the early all chrome models (just before they changed the rubber base to plastic, and drilled the dreaded screw hole through the trip tray.)  For whatever reason Pavoni actually chromed OVER some brass machines (base and boiler) to meet the unexpected demand for the all chrome models.  And thirty something years later, like the few we've seen from this era, this one has developed this cool almost "hematite" like, or rainbow patina.  You can actually see the brass color through the chrome.  


And some spots, like in the drip tray area, you can see the brass, and the crhome plating has faded.


You may love these or hate these but we love them!  After seeing so many "vanilla" chrome La Pavonis over the years,"something different" stands out, and is kind of cool.  The really "good news" is that this will never rust, unlike the stamped steel chrome bases, because, well, it's brass underneath!  


If you want a mirror like chrome finish, these are not for you.


Of course the group has been rebuilt, with new piston seals, shaft seal, cap seal, and portafilter seal, then descaled, lubed and adjusted.  A very nice very low hours machine.  (Barely used!)  Even the rubber base is like new, and check out the inside of that portafilter!  


The Europiccolas of this generation were the "two switch" dual element models that use the pressure relief valve (and YOU, the operator) to control the temperature.  Set it on "II" to heat up or steam, then switch over to "I" for maintaining a brew temp for pulling your shots.  The red switch is the "on/off" button (a big technological move from the early Pavonis that had NO on/off switches!) 


We're discounting it a little for the unusual color scheme, but seriously, it's cool!   (A Pavoni collector geek dream!)  



'79 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

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