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'84 La Pavoni Professional

A sweet pre-millennium chrome Professional.  


All new seals (yes, even the sight glass!) cleaned, polished, descaled, and tested.  For those who've been waiting for another solid "pre-mill" Professional to show up, this one is probably worth the wait. 


Also has a new on/off switch, a new drip tray and a new cup grille.


A few very fine scratches on the base near the boiler are just about the only "flaws."


The early '80s saw the beginning of the "modernization" period of La Pavoni levers.  You see this manifested in the plastic cup grille replacing the venerable (and beautiful) stainless cup grid.  But most of the quality remained pretty much the same from this era up until the the late 90s.  And some of the "modernization" was good, like the no longer available heavy duty pressurestat that controls the heating element.  For the still relatively "new" Professional model at this point, a pressurestat was a major change from Pavoni's unregulated Europiccolas.


The larger boiler capacity really does make a "real world" difference when you want to multiple shots in a relatively short period of time.  There's nothing more frustrating than trying to open a scalding hot Pavoni boiler to add more water!  Of course no sane person would really want to "entertain" a large group with any home La Pavoni lever.  That scenario is clearly a justification for having "two" espresso machines, ha!  A Pavoni, and "the big machine."   


(Hint: We have some more really cool commercial levers heading this way in the near future!) 


We're sadly in the situation now where pre-millennium Professionals are at an all time "demand" state, and the prices just seem to keep rising.  Perhaps partly due to the popularity of DIY pandemic espresso.  And the popular "re-discovery" of lever machines.  But the decrease in Dollar to Euro ratio isn't helping either.  We keep wondering when the vintage Pavoni fever will break, but maybe we've just seen the last of Pavonis as "bargains."  


This one includes a vintage tamper (slightly convex 49mm) and a paired set of our vintage Richard Ginori commercial china (some of our recent haul of amazing stuff from a long buried 50's North Beach espresso bar, and commercial La Pavoni dealer.  Maybe Jack Kerouac drank out of this!  Seriously!)  


Comes with a double basket, and the factory steam tip.     

'84 La Pavoni Professional

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