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'90 La Pavoni Europiccola --  Sold

Your basic Pre-Millennium Europiccola.  Nothing especially unique about this one, and seen some love (surface scratches on deck of base, and sides of group) but just rebuilt and working flawlessly.  


A good deal on a budget vintage Pre-Millennium Europiccola.  


New piston seals, shaft seal, cap seal, portafilter seal, group to boiler seal, and thoroughly cleaned, descaled, lubed and adjusted.  


We've seen these weird check marks on the sides of some Pavoni groups, and not sure what this phenonmena is from.  Maybe people tapping the portafilter against the group bell?  Just adds some "character."  


There is also a tiny rust spot in the drip tray (see photos) and a couple  of rust specs around behind the boiler.  These have been stablized with rust inhibitor, but this era La Pavoni chrome bases will just eventually rust if you leave them wet (especially under the plastic drip tray) or store them in a damp/salty environment.  


The plastic sight glass cover is a little hazy, but still fine for monitoring the water level.  If you'd like a new one, add 20 bucks, and a couple days wait, and we'll install a new one.  (They're easy to change yourself if you decide to do that later.)  


This is a pre pressurestat Euro, with the barista (you!) and the pressure relief valve in control of the water temperature.  Use "II" to heat up, or steam, and the lower "I" setting when you're ready to pull shots.  ("I" turns on the lower watt element, and "II" turns on the second element along with the first.) You'll know she's at steaming temp (hot!) using the "II" setting, when the pressure valve starts to blow off steam!  


Comes with single and double baskets.  (And a lot of Love.  Ahhh...)



'90 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

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