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'90 La Pavoni Professional, Total Rebuild!

We fInally have a Professional done.  Apologies to the folks who keep asking about them, but nice rebuildable ones have been hard to come by.  Lever Fever is sweeping the world.  But someone's patience will be rewarded in this case. because this is really solid all chrome machine from the end of the classic Pre-Millennium period.  

Aside from all the new seals and gaskets, descale, and cleaning in a typical rebuild, this one also has a new pressurestat, a new power switch and cord, a new updated heating element, a new pressure gauge, new sight glass (and seals) new drip tray and chrom grid, and even a brand new portafilter and double basket!  


Oh yeah, it also has a custom single hole steam tip!


They don't make 'em like this anymore. 


And there's no reason now this won't last at least as long as a new one.


Come and get it, while you can.


'90 La Pavoni Professional, Total Rebuild!

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