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'97 La Pavoni Europiccola Pre-Millennium (last year brass group) -- sold!

Not especially rare, but notable as the last year of the "old school" (before automatic temperature control) "hi/lo" dual element Europiccola.  They added a pressurestat the next year, while going with the single larger element, like Professional.  


The argument for the dual element is that you can "turn the heat down" with the "low" setting, and run them at a lower brew temp than you can with a single element that has to compromise by staying hot enough to make steam.  Where if you just wanna pull shots, you can run on the lower temp with the dual elements.  


We got lucky for the second time this month, with another "used a couple times then put on a shelf" find.  There is virtually no wear showing on the lever pin holes, and the portafilter has no traces of coffee.   If you're looking for a late model dual element Pre-Millennium Pavoni, you'll have trouble finding a nicer one than this.


And of course, we just rebuilt the group (installed new piston and shaft seals, and a new portafilter seal.) 


Comes with a double basket, and our custom one hole steam tip.  (We'll include the original three hole tip with the other parts.)


Hard to believe 1997 is 20 years ago!   


'97 La Pavoni Europiccola Pre-Millennium (last year brass group) -- sold!

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