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Chrome Zacconi Riviera -- Sold!

Life is cycles, and sometimes you get two Rivieras in a row!  


This one is all chrome.  Missing the eagle top, but we kinda like it so we're selling it as a "flat top."  (Ask if you REALLY want to order an eagle.)  


The chrome has seen better days (like a lot of Rivieras) with some scratches, and plating loss in the drip tray area, but the boiler is actually really shiney, and the machine looks pretty nice overall.  


We've just gone through it, and installed new seals in the group, and a new steam valve seal.  It also has a new pressurestat.  (Of course, it's also been descaled, and lubed.) 


As everybody knows by now, just because we currently have two for sale, doesn't mean these aren't disappearing.  They are!  Zacconi stopped making the Riviera model, so your choices for affordable home spring levers are dwindling!


Chrome Zacconi Riviera -- Sold!

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