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Circa 1968 La Dorio, 2 Group Lever

Really fun, rare machine.  Probably late 60s.  La Dorio, from Udine, Italy, was outta business by the mid 70s.  


This is basically a "frame up" restoration, but with original paint.  A modern Sirai pressurestat is the only custom "upgrade."  

We have one of the original chrome plated lever bearing caps, and can add a second one (custom plated) for an additional $200.  But we actually like the lever bearings "naked."  


And we do have the power switch, it's just "missing" in the pics uploaded so far!


The groups are amazingly "similar" (or the same!) as the classic CMA group, and the parts are interchangable, meaning all the gaskets/seals for maintenance are still availble, and cheap.  


Funny that you'll have to decide which way to "face" this, since it was probably assumed the levers would face the barista behind the bar, with the "back" (with the La Dorio logo, complete with phone number!) towards the customers.  We mention this because the plumbing fittings (for water inlet and drain) reside on the outer bottom of the drip tray, which means the water lines are visible to the operator.  (This arrangement could be "replumbed" without too much rocket science, if somebody would rather the hoses enter/exit less visible from underneath.)  


Counter to our creed, this IS 220 volts.  And it's "manual" fill, so you'll have to watch the sight glass, and open the lower right valve to keep the boiler level topped up and "safe."  


But both portafilters are included no charge!  (With an additional pair of bottomless ones on the way.) 


For those who missed the story, this was dragged in pieces in and out of cars and trains across France and Switzerland last summer, and then onto a discount airline bound for SFO in giant ass suitcases!  (The counter people in Paris never even flinched when these hit the scales way over the "limit," even with one wrapped with duct tape, and all the loose pipes and boiler looking on xrays like something the Islamic State would check in on a "one way" trip!)   Talk about pushing the limits of spouse tolerance!  We're guessing this never would have made it onto a plane in the US. 


And then then the real fun began of "rehabbing" her.  Asbestos boiler coating removal probably took 10 years off expected American male lifespan, and drilling the seized boiler studs out subtracted another ten from shere anxiety!  


But she's done.  Finally.  And pretty frickin cool, if we do say so.  

Circa 1968 La Dorio, 2 Group Lever

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