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Custom 49.5mm tamper

A tamper we had custom cut at 49.5mm, for the anally precise Cremina and Pre-Millennium La Pavoni owners out there.  The extra half a millimeter makes this so snug that it will just fit into the "Pre-Mill" Pavoni baskets, and fits the Cremina double baskets perfectly (the Cremina single baskets have a bevel that restricts how deep this can go.)


Obviously, it would fit into the later Millennium models which are 51mm, but with room on the sides! 


If you don't want "zero tolerance" tamping on a Cremina or Pre-Millennium Pavoni, don't buy this tamper!  


The handle is crafted from beautiful laminated wood.  The base is turned aluminum.    


Do you want to see more tampers at VoltAge110?  (There are a LOT out there!)  Let us know...

Custom 49.5mm tamper

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