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Custom Compak K10,  "Ultimate" conical single shot grinder?

Rebuilt and hacked, and turned into the "Ultimate" single shot conical grinder. 


We haven't had much experience with conical burr grinders.  They're a relatively "new" technology compared to flat burrs, and most of the vintage grinders we're used to having around here were built long before conical burrs were even a thing. 


So we were a little skeptical about the ravings some people aimed towards these.  Going as far as to suggest that they can make coffee "taste better."  We would like to call BS on that.  But after running a few beans through this machine, maybe we should be a little more humble about what we know.  The grind sure LOOKS different!  


We were nervous about installing the new burr set after reports of the occaisional problems with conical burr alignment.  But after switching the machine on and holding our breath, we were amazed to see fluffy coffee snow almost floating perfectly out of the spout.  It's  a beautiful thing to watch.  


We obviously refinished the aluminum body too.  It's kind of blingy when new, and has a super shiney "aerospace look" to it.  But the material is soft, and doesn't take a lot of abuse to get scratched.  We decided to clean up the scratches, and one thing led to another (like the last Mazzer project!) and the next thing you knew, we'd sanded and polished the entire machine.  So it's more "flat" than shiney now.  


We took off the giant plastic bean hopper with a beautiful, custom machined, "single dose hopper" from Orphan Espresso.  Not only does it look cool and save counter space, the unique "wieght" that fits inside the aluminum cone, basically prevents the "popcorning" that tends to happen with when you put small amounts (like single doses!) into any grinder!  It's a pretty elegant solution to multiple problems for "home" users.


And we removed the stock K10 doser, and made it "doserless" by replacing it with a factory chute from another Compak model.  Not "home made" or hacked chute on this one! 


All of which makes this a truly "one of a kind" Compak conical grinder. 


Google what people have been saying about the "normal" K10 over the years, and imagine that grinder got BETTER.


We're including a pedal operated "momentary switch" that you can plug the machine into to save wear on the switch (which we use a lot in a home setting as "single dosers.")  You can use it  on the counter with one hand, while holding the portafilter with the other, or on the floor with a foot while using two hands at the grinder.   (If you're not interested in the pedal, let us know and we'll refund 20 bucks after you buy it.) 


About 19 inches high with the OE hopper/wieght installed.    

Custom Compak K10, "Ultimate" conical single shot grinder?

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