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Custom doserless Mini Mazzer

Another "hacked" doserless Mazzer!  It's amazing that internet "fads" like the Zero Niche (which is really just a little tiny doserless grinder) keep happening, causing many otherwise rational people to spend big bucks on plasticky "home" (toy!) grinders with a "good story," when they can buy a serious professional tool like a Mazzer for LESS money.  Ouch!


This Mini is super clean.  It came out of a fastidious home environment, instead of a shop (which is where most used Mazzers you can find used will come from!)  And the beautiful body, with the lack of the typical dings, scratches and chips in the powder coat, really shows the difference.  


Even has a virginal tray!


The burrs aren't technically "new," but have very few hours on them.  (We double check all grinders before packing btw, so there will always be a some coffee dust inside.  But check out the pics to see how nice the grind chamber was when we finished with this one.)  


The custom funnel opening to the grind chamber is a little "more on one side," as these often are after being bolted up, but unless you're seriously OCD, you won't pay attention to anything but the beautiful "snow" falling into your portafilter, as you prepare to pull another god shot with perfectly ground coffee.  


Yes, you can use Mazzers for any style (from drip to espresso) but the stepless adjustment collars on these are so snug it would be a pain in the ass to have to wind the collar in and out every morning if you regularly do both.  Except for special occaisions (Grandma visiting or some philistine who only drinks "regular coffee") you'd really want to dedicate one of these to the grind you use most often, and leave it there, in order to avoid wearing out your joints before 80!   (In other words if you drink pour over AND espresso, buy two!)


The words to keep in mind when contemplating a Mazzer are:  "Future proof."  Translation:  Do yourself a favor and end your curiousity about whether your grinder is "good enough" to make commercial quality espresso.   It's the time of year to get yourself a present anyway!   "Pros" need good tools!   And a Mazzer really will be the last grinder you ever have to buy. 


If ordered before 12/15, it should arrive in plenty of time for Christmas!   (We ship virtually everything 2 Day Priority!)  

Custom doserless Mini Mazzer

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