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Custom Mazzer Super Jolly doserless!  --  Sold!

The previous owner just put a new burr set in this late model Super Jolly, before deciding he didn't want a doser anymore.  So we bought it, and made a custom "doserless" Mazzer!  


For the record, we don't have a problem with dosers, even for "home" use.  They're nice for breaking up any sticky grounds, and holding excess coffee between shots.  


But we know a lot of people hate them.  So we've been buying Mazzers when we can, and customizing them.  

This one's had our usual treatment.  Aside from the customizing/"de-doserizing," it's had a deep cleaning, complete inspection, and the correct lubrication. (Check out the pics of the burr area, and compare them to the same area on the "used" grinders at places like craisglist or ebay, assuming they will even show you the pics.  Don't be shy!  Before you invest in a used Mazzer, you deserve to see pics of the "guts!"  Trying to clean a grungy, heavily used grinder is a nasty frickin job!) 

This black body Super Jolly has a few scuffs and scratches on the sides, but overall it's a very clean machine.  


It's a "Timer" model, which means the switch is spring loaded, and like the timer on your stove, returns to "off" in a few seconds.  As a "one cup at a time" home user, you'll most likely use the knob as an "on/off" switch, so you'll either use the exact amount of beans you want to grind (in the brand new, genuine Mazzer "short" hopper) or manually "help" turn it off after you've filled your portafilter.


For those who may still not be familiar with Mazzers, they are made in Italy, and basically as good as you can get for making espresso.  Especially in a home setting.  Large 64mm flat burrs, and a tank like motor and build, means it has the power and heft to blow through beans effortlessly, leaving a perfect trail of "powder snow" (if you go to the finest range) in your portafilter. 


You'll never have to wonder if your grinder is holding back espresso quality, once you get a grinder this good.  And it will last forever.  


After a million or so pounds of beans, you may want new burrs (not expensive) or if you run a lot of especially oily beans, new bearings, but both the burr set and bearings are like new.  This SJ purrs.  (I.e. it's really quiet, for those with "roommate issues!")  


Future proof the grinding portion of your morning ritual, and worry about "upgrading" your espresso machine later.  If you want to make professional quality espresso, you pretty much need a professional quality grinder.   You'll even "save" money since more consistent grinds meam more effcient extraction out of the same amount of beans.  For about the price of a typical coffee blog fav, like a new plasticiky "Rocky," you can have a pro tool in your kitchen!  


Remember some commercial grinders adjust "backwards" and this is one of those.  So turning the burr carrier clockwise will UNscrew the burrs and make the grind coarser.   And of course, Mazzers are "stepless," for infinite adjustments, and the tight brass threads on the collar mean it won't move after you set it. This will come adjusted pretty close to where you want it for espresso, so should be easy to figure out.


You should buy a soft bristle coffee brush if you don't already have one, to go with this...  


Screwdriver not included!


NOTE:  We run a few beans through every grinder before sending them out, just to "make sure."  So they'll never arrive looking quite as "virginal" as the photos (there will likely be some bean dust residue!) but it's definitely the one in the listing!  


About 19 1/2 inches tall, and 10 deep.

Custom Mazzer Super Jolly doserless! -- Sold!

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