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ECM Giotto, E-61 original -- SOLD

The original Italian ECM Giotto/Cellini models like this (now made by Rocket) are surprisingly hard to find, given how many were sold.  Maybe people are holding on to them...  


But here's one we've completely gone through, and it's really nice.


ECM made the polished stainless steel E61 showcase machine that everyone has now copied.  Basically a beautified, "domestic" scale version of a commercial espresso machine (with a vibe pump and smaller pressurestat.)  This one is not plumbed in (has a plastic "pour over" reservoir.)  It does have autofill, dedicated hot water and steam valves, large copper boiler, pressure relief valve, 3 way solenoid valve, pressurestat, etc.   Basically all the stuff commercial E61 machines have.  And that includes safety shut-offs if water runs too low, or the boiler gets too hot.


ECM split off their "domestic" machine production in the late 2000s to concentrate on commercial machines, and Rocket acquired the rights to make them.  Not much difference from this 2005 machine to a current Rocket.  Except the optional PID and double boiler options they've added.  (A digital thermometer in the front bolt hole of the E61 group is actually more useful in a real world way for E61 based machines than a PID.  Just sayin', for the anal temp monitors out there.)


We put a new "brain" in this (a Gicar control box) because after 10 years of cycling the heating element, the relays inside go bad.  (A common ailment with these vintage home E61 machines.) 


We've also disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt the upper group, which can get clogged with scale if owner's don't use "good" water, or fail to clean (descale) them over the years.  This one was actually near spotless.  (Which means the machine was well cared for --  good water, and descaled when necessary.)  


The vibe pump is also brand new, the shower screen, and portafilter gaskets have been replaced, so this girl pretty much runs and looks like new.  


In fact it may never look shinier than it does in these pics!  The real world of espresso making means splotches, stains, smudges, etc, will always be showing up on polished steel. 


Remember your mom saying, "It'll show all the dirt!?" 


Well, these do, but Mom is probably removed from the decision about whether to buy a Giotto. 


Although some "moms" have been replaced by "significant others,"  and the bling factor actually helps with "spouse appeal."  When my wife says unprovoked, "That's a nice one, why don't you keep that one?" in the midst of a sea of otherwise unnoticed espresso machines) that means something.


If your housemates haven't been thrilled with your machines racking up counter space before, you may be pleasantly surprised they suddenly think your habit is gorgeous.


And since E-61 based machines are the "semi-automatic" machines of choice for most espresso geeks, buying one of these can be a "win/win."



ECM Giotto, E-61 original -- SOLD

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