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Elektra "Sixties" La Deliziosa --  SOLD

The Ultimate "Voltage110" espresso machine?  Maybe!   Would be hard to get more or what we love in an 120 volt package.  Classic Italian design that marries "domestic" and commercial espresso qualities.  Complete with a manual "lever" activated e61 group, rotary pump, and commercial components, including a huge brass boiler and Serai pressurestat.  If there's an Italian "Cadillac" of espresso machines, this is it.  Swanky steam and hot water levers.  Ultra polished chrome.  Briarwood handles!?  Brougham vinyl top?


This even has a "1999 dot bomb" story behind it.  Fortunately the "start up" fail ultimately became our gain, proving History does bend towards Justice once in a while. 


Always carefully maintained, with strict pure water history, just serviced, and ready to go.  


It actually makes espresso as good as it looks.  Deliziosa.

Elektra "Sixties" La Deliziosa -- SOLD

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