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Late 70's Gaggia Orione

This Orione (sometimes called a "Tell") is from the "late classic" commercial lever period.  A really hard to find example of a single group Gaggia lever built with120 volt components at the factory.


Rebuilt group with new piston gaskets and portafilter seal.  The boiler was opened and completely descaled, and new stainless bolts and gasket installed.  A really clean machine. 


The Gigar autofill system, and Sirai pressurestat, mean this is about as "automated" as a commercial lever machine needs to be.  


The body styling by legendary Gaggia designer Giuseppe de Götzen (see signiture stamped on the back!) brings this into the "modern" era of Italian aesthetics, while retaining the classic humongous Gaggia group.  A group basically unchanged from the one that ushered in the underground "coffee house" scene of the early 50s that swept across Europe, and later into the US in New York and San Francisco.  


Pull the lever down til it "clicks" (locked in the open position) wait for a few drips of espresso (in the 8-18 second range, if tamp and grind are right) then pull the lever back down to release the lock mechanism, and let it up (carefullly!) using the internal spring pressure.


Like most commercial levers this is plumbed in.  But being a one group, it has a relatively "small" footprint.  So this will fit on a (ok, maybe large) home kitchen counter.  Whoever gets this will FIND space for it!  It's that awesome!

Remarkable overall original condition for a commercial machine of this vintage, but it does have some scratches and darker spots on the "70's Orange" panels, and brass group shows some wear.  The sight glass plastic cover has been repaired (crack down the middle glued.)  And the top stainless panel is not original, but fits well!    


Goes without saying that for less than the cost of a new chrome e61 clone, you can own a classic lever, that will probably only go UP in value after you buy it!   Can't say that about a new machine!


About 21 x 21 x 28 high (including the handle!)  


This should be picked up ideally, but will go FedEx Freight otherwise.  

Late 70's Gaggia Orione

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