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"Holy Grail" '75 Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold



Check out this example of the "Holy Grail" of Europiccolas, the 1974/5 model.  The year Pavoni combined the best of the 1st generation dual element machines, with the "modern" bolt on group.


We get tired of saying this, but the 74/75 is arguably THE Europiccola you want if you're considering a vintage dual element La Pavoni lever.


The manual temperature control of the two elements, and the ease of maintenance (changing piston seals) coupled with the build quality of this era, makes for a Pavoni that is hard to top.


Features the heavy (almost "wet" looking) chrome plating of the era, on both the boiler and group.  Something Pavoni would soon begin making thinner and thinner, as cost saving imperatives, and corporate ownership changed over the years.


It was also the first year of a "modern" on/off switch.  This one is the "kinky" and very Italian "narrow" hi/low rocker, with an actual neon indicator light built into the chromed surround.  (Be nice with your switching if you want these to last forever!)


The base still has the classic "hammertone" paint they would abandon by the '80s for the "all metal" look.  A color scheme that still cries, "Vintage La Pavoni!"  The finish on this one may be in the best condition we've had yet!  


And the rubber sub base is not only "fully there" (unfortunately often missing/destroyed by now) it's close to "like new!"  

Just an overall amazing example of this model, and why we're asking a little more than "normal."  


Of course we rebuilt it with all new group seals, cap seal, steam valve seal, descaled the boiler, and even replaced the electric plug. 


You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer example any time soon.  


Comes with double basket, and dual spout portafilter.  (Ask if you'd like a custom single hole steam tip added, instead of the stock 3 hole tip.)

"Holy Grail" '75 Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

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