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La Marzocco Swift Grinder -- Sold!

What's this doing here, you ask?  Not exactly "vintage."  Well, we got a deal on it, and rather than just sell it at another venue, decided to give our loyal followers a crack at it with the "friend" discount.  (These are about $6k at your door new!)


If you have to ask "what it is?" you probably aren't a buyer for this.  The legendary twin motor, dual hopper, 64mm ceramic flat burr grinding behemoth, not only automatically doses your portafilter, but tamps it as well!   


Lock the portafilter in, and push a button.


Dual hoppers and motors mean you can keep "house" beans on one side, and decaf (or another origin) on the other.


These were obviously built for high production coffee houses.  (But that doesn't mean you can't put it in your home kitchen.)   


The idea behind them is "consistency" in a place with a lot of variables (like a shop with mulitple baristas of various skills, and a productivity booster.)  Right, not our usual "style" around here!


La Marzocco says you should use their portafilters, but our vintage Gaggia fits into to it, so it will work with others.  (Buyer will need to solve that issue.)   One quirk with these is that the "impeller" style tamper leaves a "ring" of grounds around the edge of the portafilter after tamping (rather than a perfectly flat surface.)  But at least it's the same tamp every time!  Swift lovers obviously don't view this as a problem!


Got some scuffs and scratches, and the left hopper lid has some cracks, but everything works beautifully on this.  And the ceramic burrs are in great shape.   (We'll throw in two sets of used burrs for the heck of it.) 


This actually came out of a church, believe it or not!  So it hasn't had the kind of wear and abuse associated with a shop. 


If you're here for "vintage," like most of us, it's a surprise you read this far, but check out the gorgeous 60's Faema FP grinder we're about to list!  



La Marzocco Swift Grinder -- Sold!

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