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Custom Pavoni Professional "hybrid"

A Millennium base/boiler, with a completely rebuilt PRE-Millennium (all brass) group!  


As readers of this site know, finding a good US market Pre-Millennium Professional at a "decent" price is getting more difficult all the time.  People are getting crazy money on ebay for garage sale wrecks.  And it's been a while since we've had one for sale.  (Sorry, but it reflects the current reality of scarcity and overheated market out there.)  


This Professional may not have the total charm of a pure vintage Pavoni, but at least you get the most important part!  An '82 group, on a '02 boiler.  


(If for some reason, you'd prefer the original Millennium group back on this one, let us know.  We can do it...  But why???!)  


Works flawlessly, with an unfortunate tiny rust spot in the drip tray (see pics) being the only real "flaw."  (Other than a few small nicks and dings you'd expect on a 30 year old group.)  


With all new group gaskets and seals, piston lever mechanism lubed and adjusted, with new lever roller and pins, and the boiler descaled along with a new heating element gasket installed, this one should go quite a while without much attention.  


So if you've been waiting for a vintage Professional...   


If you'd like one of our custom single hole steam tips installed instead of the stock three hole tip, just let us know before we send it out!


(Comes with double filter basket.) 


Custom Pavoni Professional "hybrid"

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