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"Live Edge" Simonelli Mac Digit

Custom Simonelli Mac Digit semi auto machine, with live edge slab body.  Completely serviced, working flawlessly, and ready to go.


This is obviously a heavy duty commercial one group machine, that needs to be plumbed in.  But it only requires 120 volt power!  So can be used any place from a small shop, to a home kitchen set up. 


If La Marzocco is the "Ferrari of modern Italian espresso machines," Simonelli is the Maserati.  Their technology and build quality has always been among the best in the "modern" era of Italian espresso machines, and this model is no exception.   


Unique side mounted hot water and steam valves are a little "kinky," but make sense once you get the hang of them. 


Four progammable memory pads save time, and make repeatable professional quality shots possible.


This thing wieghs a ton (and not really from the wood sides, but the steel and brass inside!)  So if shipping, this will have to go via a truck, on a crated pallet.   Which is why you should just stop by and pick it up!


A one of a kind espresso machine.

"Live Edge" Simonelli Mac Digit

$1,250.00 Regular Price
$975.00Sale Price
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