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MARCFI La Graziella ("La Cara") 1976 - Sold!

From the original owner.  A "cream puff" La Graziella.


Rebuilt, descaled, lubed, adjusted and tested.  (New piston, sight glass, and steam valve seals.)


Bought in 1976, from the famous La Pavoni dealer in San Francisco, Thomas Cara, Ltd.  


These are a bit notorious (and rare!) for being suddenly pulled by Cara, after legal threat from La Pavoni.  So their history and numbers are a bit scarce.  But now firmly a tiny part of San Francisco's unique history.


This is similar to one we sold a few months ago, but in even nicer condition. 


Built in Franco Spain, by industrial giant MARCF, a company that had previously built licensed "copies" of Pavoni levers.  The group and boiler are really heavy duty, and well made.  The chrome is thick, and casting every bit as nice as the era Pavonis.


The base is stamped steel, and covered with a thick gray, almost "resin" like coating.  Like Pavoni, should be wiped dry between uses.


Basically has an early style La Pavoni group (same seals) with a crazy "Aztec" style stepped cover around the boiler.  Which is actually a really nice difference from the Pavonis, in that the chrome cover insulates a lot of the heat from the boiler so those inevitable accidental touches aren't so painful (Pavoni levers are notorious for leaving "scars!")  


The large boiler makes these more like the Pavoni "Professional" model, while the dual heating elements, and double switches, make them more like the mid 70s Europiccolas.  


Basically, the operation is: turn on both switches ("hi/low") when heating up (or if desired, for steaming) then switch the "hi" element off to maintain espresso brewing temperatures to pull shots.


The cap has a cool steam pressure valve built in, so there's always a bit of steam and chirping once you reach operating temps.  (The steam is how you recognize when to switch off the "hi" element.) 


These are "hands on" espresso machines, not automatic, so just like the 70's Europiccola, it's important not to space out and go on vacation while your machine is on!  (The danger obviously is running dry, and melting down your elements.) 


The lever pull is Pavoni style "direct" (not spring loaded) and the portafilter seems a little deeper than the Pavoni, so your grinding options may be a bit wider than with some similar home levers.  (Governed by your willingness to pull down hard!)  


The swoopy, Zacconi like steam wand gives amazing, directed steam, and good microfoam.


Comes with single and double baskets, tamper (not original) stainless shot pitcher, and plastic scoop.


A few nicks and tiny scratches on the base, but these are almost impossible to find in this condition now.  So if you like the idea of a La Pavoni style lever, but would love to find something a little more unique (not to mention, a little less expensive) the semi quirky "La Cara" branded La Graziella, may be right up your alley.

MARCFI La Graziella ("La Cara") 1976 - Sold!

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