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"Occupied Japan" cup/saucer set (5)

Sometimes stuff falls in your lap that you just love.  And sometimes you get tired of hearing, "When you have something under $200 let me know!"  


Now that "the Space" is almost ready, we're gonna some fill shelves with more than just wierd old lever espresso machines.  And this awesome 1950's Japanese cup set is pretty much the kind of stuff we'd hope to put there.


Do they even make "china" in Japan anymore?  Probably, but these come from the charming days when, "Made in Japan," was synonomous with "cheap."   Even if the product was really cool.  Days that are distant history now.


"Sunny China" is a curious brand name for a Japanese company, or maybe not, from this era.  But it's an apt description of how you'll feel every morning you pick up one of these and feel the warm.

"Occupied Japan" cup/saucer set (5)

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