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'83 Olympia Mocca Express Grinder ("Pasquini")  Sold!

Another example of Pasquini rebranding Olympia products in the 80's and 90's before the Olympia name had the mania surrounding it today.  Had Pasquini known how insanely popular anything made by the Swiss espresso machine comany would become, they probably would've left the labels alone!  


But look at the label on the bottom of this.  It has the same exact font and model number scheme, with the "dark brown" styling used on all the early Olympia machines.  They just replaced their name with Pasquini!  


And best of all, this still has the hand blown Italian glass hopper intact.  They are often missing/broken now, and spares (when you can find them!) are often the price of the grinder alone!   (Buy this hopper, and get a free extra grinder!)  


Obviously these were often packaged with the Cremina.


Like the Cremina, the grinder is smaller than they can appear in pictures.   It's got that "little jewel" quality Olympia became known for.   Especially with the exquiste little glass hopper on top.


As espresso grinders, they leave something to be desired compared to their modern brothers.  They have a small burr set common for "home" grinders of the 80's, and the fixed tray means you need to scoop the grinds out.    


But they are beautiful, and get the job done in a very small space.   And they just look "natural" next to a Cremina, or any vintage lever really.  Especially a Pavoni.  

In perfect working order.   And getting rare in this condition.  Esprecially with the glass hopper intact. 



'83 Olympia Mocca Express Grinder ("Pasquini") Sold!

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