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'83 Olympia "Mocca" Grinder -- Sold

These little jewels are rare.  

And this one still has the original hand blown glass hopper!  (Missing on a lot of the Mokkas you'll find out there.  And you won't find many, because original owners tend to hold onto them. )


Not sure they're really a serious espresso grinder.  Small burr set, loudish, and you have to scoop the grounds out of the stainless "pouch" on the front.   So "pour over" might make more sense.


But for a lot of Olympia junkies, they have to have one. 


They DO look pretty comfy next to an Olympia espresso machine.  


So one of these would be for you if you want to complete your vintage Olympia collection, need a grinder that is really "compact" (they're only about 12 1/2 inches tall) want a "back up" grinder, or something more "portable" for trips (be careful of that glass hopper, or leave it safely at home!) or you just want the glass hopper for YOUR Mokka (unobtanium for folks who've broken or lost theirs over the years!) 

We've disassembled and cleaned this, which is no mean feat (which you'll "get" if you've ever tried to clean a used grinder.)  


The bottom edge of the blown glass hopper that lives in the "collar" is chipped, but it's out of sight, and obviously doesn't impact bean storage.  The plastic collar has some rough edges, but none noticable.  And there are some scuffs on factory brown paint on the front corners of the body.  Which is pretty typical of these.


The burrs are in excellent shape, and she works like new!   (Burrs still available.) 


Olympia stopped making these in about 1992, and we're serious that they don't come along very often...   FOMO alert!

'83 Olympia "Mocca" Grinder -- Sold

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