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Anfim "Best" (Pasquini) grinder  -- SOLD

We love the little Anfim grinders.   This was called a "Best" when sold in Europe.   The chrome plated steel bodies on these "Rocky Killers" are built like tanks, and could probably withstand even the atomic bomb known as the United Parcel Service!  (Which we carefully refuse to use now, btw.)  The doser has a better build quality and smoother action than a Mazzer!  (Even more steel instead of plastic here!)  In short, these make the plasticky toy like Rancilio Rocky grinders (which are fine for small plastic grinders!) look and feel like...  a toy. 


Pasquini (the venerable "Italian espresso outlet" in LA)  has rebranded a few European brands over the years , and sold them with their own name.  Probably most famous/notorious for actually renaming Olympia products as "Pasquini," as if the Olympia name would reduce their standing in the US!   


In this case, it seems Pasquini was pretty much the sole US importer of Anfim grinders.   And they didn't sell very many.  So they still fly under the radar here.  But in Europe, Anfim is a well known name as a maker of both commercial and high end "domestic" grinders.   


Obviously the flat burrs on their downsized "home" grinders are smaller (like the Rockys) than their commercial counterparts, but the average home user really won't have a complaint about grind quality with these.  This will not be one of the "big things holding you back" from pulling good shots on your home machine.  And the burrs on this grinder are brand new.  


The only "knock" we've heard about these is the "stepped" adjustment, meaning the collar clicks into slots to keep it from moving once you set it.  But the truth is most people will not have a "problem" not being able to move the adjustment a "half click."  If you can't get you shot right by dosing and tamping because a grinder wouldn't let you go "in between clicks" you've probably go other issues going on.  


Obviously you can spend more and get a bigger/better grinder.  But some people really are on a budget, or just don't want a commercial sized grinder sitting on their kitchen counter!  We don't know why!  (Perhaps other people in the house are having their input heard?)  But there are people do really want a grinder with small footprint.  It's hard to do better in this size than the Anfim.


And the undeniable "advantage" these have over anything in their size range, is a genuinely cool "vintage" look.  They just fit in really well sitting next to a vintage lever.  Especially a Pavoni.


The bottom throat of the bean hopper has some wear that's been repaired with epoxy (sits below the burr collar, so not visible in pics.)   But it won't effect the operation of the grinder.


If you're looking for an affordable grinder, but a bit squeamish about the modern plastic Chinese alternatives, a vintage Anfim is worth a look.

Anfim "Best" (Pasquini) grinder -- SOLD

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