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Quick Mill Andreja, E61 -- Sold!

Quick Mill's addition to the E61 chrome box universe.  This is the "Andreja Premium" model, and on the "deluxe" end of the E61 single boiler machines.  


We've gone all through it, so just serviced and has new parts, including a new Gicar control box (the "computer.")   Should be pulling shots without issue for a long time!


Has really nice steam and hot water wands ("no burn" wands mean an end to cleaning off milk scum!  And no ouchy fingers!)


Comes with a brand new bottomless portafilter, a commercial quality steam pitcher, and stainless tamper.  


This thing is a beast (45 pounds) so locals encouraged to come test drive this one!  

Quick Mill Andreja, E61 -- Sold!

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