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Rancilio Rocky (sold)

The hugely popular "Rocky," Rancilio's "home" espresso grinder. The attraction is the build quality in a relatively compact, affordable grinder. Like their Silvia espresso machine, it's got a lot of "commercial" pedigree packed in a home kitchen size (and budget.)  


In fact, it's hard to find any comparable home grinder in this price range. We, of course, would generally prefer a big old commericial grinder.  But sometimes people simply don't have the space, or want a behemoth grinder in thier house.  That's where the Rocky comes in.


This one is super clean, has low hours on the burrs, and the superior metal base found on the earlier versions of the Rocky.  (They now, of course, are made with plastic bases.)  You need a grinder at least this good to get quality espresso shots.  What "they" say about grinders is true!  

Rancilio Rocky (sold)

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