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Rancilio Z9

A rare one group Rancilio Z9, running on 110 volts!


Still a relatively big box commercial machine (about 20 x 20) so you'll need some counter space, a water line, and ideally a 20 amp circuit (which most modern kitchens do) but we can make it run on 15 amps just fine if you have older outlets.  


Rebuilt group with new group seals, spring, bearings, along with a new Sirai pressurestat, and vacuum valve.  Boiler was opened and cleaned, and has a new gasket.  We even installed a new steam wand, with a custom tip!


This lived most of it's life in a small gelato shop, and has low hours for it's age, because it was hardly used in that environment.  (Guess it's hard to eat ice cream and coffee at the same time.)  But we've gone all through it to make sure it will run for years more wherever it's new home is.


Unlike most vintage commercial levers, Rancilio employed a thermosyphon type circuit to deliver hot boiler water to the group, and keep it warm while idling.  


This means the low mass Rancilio group runs cooler than most "dipper" style lever setups.  The resulting cooler extractions really makes the Rancilio levers unique from most other vintage levers.  While this means it may take a little longer to heat up, it also pretty much eliminates the worry about burnt shots.  It also means you can run the boiler a little hotter and get better steam.  Something hard to do on most single boiler machines.


The "70s Orange" panels are obviously awesome.  There are some nicks and scratches, but we wouldn't touch the original Italian powder coat!  This machine just has so much visual character that it's pretty much guaranteed to be the center of attention in any space.


And we should also point out that being a "commercial" machine means it has a hot water wand.  Always a good point for softening the potential argument with significant others about size and "need"u issues.  "You can make tea with it!" 


Of course it would still be totally cool banished to a garage, or coffee cave.  

Being a relatively recent vintage machine means it's an "autofill."  So no worries about keeping the boiler level topped up with this one.   And the early bulletproof Gicar control box, and new commercial Sirai pressurestat, means the electronics should be good to go for a long time.  You get the charm and looks of vintage, with the convenience (and reliablity) of "modern." 


This Z9 makes a statement. 


And pulls awesome shots. 

Rancilio Z9

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