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The Ultimate "home" Mazzer?  Major!

It took a while, but our fantasy of putting together the "ultimate" home espresso grinder has finally arrived.  Perhaps with mixed success, but we'll let you be the judge of that.  (Sorta like the election!)   But lest we "undersell" it, let there be no doubt, this grinder is badass!  


For those who don't know, the "Major" has EIGHTYTHREE MILLIMETER burrs!   Check out the pic of the Major burr next to a "regular full size" commercial 64mm burr!   


Mazzer claims the Major can blow through 20 grams of beans in 5 seconds!  And with almost twice the power of the SJ, that's probably no exaggeration.  Some serious espresso geeks really do consider the Major the "ultimate home grinder," as well as possibly the best flat burr grinder, period.  You can peruse this thread on for some typical opinions.


Our only "problem" with it, is that we literally spent hours stripping, sanding, polishing, and finishing the cast aluminum body, and even though it looks ok, it never ended up being the "smooth as a baby's butt gleaming monster" we originally envisioned. 


Under all that powder coating on Mazzers is a cast aluminum body that turns out to be pretty ugly, with pock marks and uneven surfaces everywhere.  Mazzer obviously cares little about "smooth," knowing they can fill all the casting imperfections with primer and powder coat afterward.  They might be using 20 year old molds for all we know!


We Quixotically thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to have a Mazzer finished like a vintage Airstream!"  But as usual, talk is cheap.  And as we were cruelly reminded, action is hard!  


We could have sent bits of aluminum flying forever trying to get out every last hole in this thing.  And finally one day, after what seemed like endless sanding, with a dripping t-shirt, sore back, and ringing ear drums (despite the muffs) it dawned on us that "good," was gonna have to be "good enough."  Nobody was gonna pay a thousand bucks extra for a polished vintage Mazzer!  


So yeah, it looks fine, and will hold up to kitchen use after our clear coating, but it's not quite the museum "art" we envisioned.  There are still some scratches, swirls, and the occaisional pin hole visible in the finish.  


What we ended up with, aside from a "mostly" polished body, is a Muscle Car beast of a custom grinder.  A completely rebuilt mean machine, with a new custom stainless funnel, new anti-static screen, new top and bottom end bearings, a new on/off switch, new start capacitor, new genuine "short" Mazzer hopper, new feet, and brand new frickin' 83mm burrs!  Even a new silver Mazzer logo plate on the back! 


Basically completely disassembled, stripped, and rebuilt from the ground up.


(Note:  We know some people are totally anal about keeping grinds out of their grinder ports, so if someone really wants the anti-static screen removed for an "open hole" to the grind chamber, we can remove it before shipping it out.  Just let us know.  The difference in performance should be negligable.)


The huge motor packed into the almost standard sized Mazzer body, means it can power through huge quanites of beans all day long without breaking a sweat (unlike us trying to polish this thing!)  


So why would anyone need this much grinder at home?  Making two or three shots a day?   Reasonable questions.  These were intended for crazy busy professional coffee shops and roasters, but our theory is the larger diameter burrs mean they turn slower, create less heat, and keep more of the taste in your grinds rather than your burrs.  The larger surface area of the burrs also theoretically means an even more consistent grind than the standard Mazzer (which, yes, is already pretty close to perfect.)   Maybe you hate making noise in the morning, or have housemates complaining, and just want to end your grinding asap!   Here you go!


Or maybe you won't notice a huge difference with a Major compared to a garden variety Super Jolly.   And maybe you wouldn't notice the difference between a 428 Shelby Mustang, and a 6 cylinder Falcon, while driving to the beach.  They'll both "get you there," in the end.    


So perhaps we're pushing the Super Car analogy too far.  

But if you COULD have a Shelby for the price of a Falcon???


It's totally up to you...


(About 20 1/4 inches tall with the short hopper.  We have a used full sized hopper somewhere we can swap if you prefer!) 

The Ultimate "home" Mazzer? Major!

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