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Zacconi "Baby Riviera" -- sold!

Zacconi has stopped making the spring loaded Riviera model, and replaced it with this La Pavoni style "direct push" piston machine.  

So it's kind of a heavy duty La Pavon Pro model in different clothes.  


It's got the pressurestat and gauge, and build quality that Zacconi machines have come to be known for, but the loss of the spring loaded piston means the real difference now between Zacconi and the Pavoni levers is the styling.  


The base is the same as the old Riviera, so that's a definite improvement versus the late model lighter wiegh Pavoni bases. And it's not likely to ever rust like Pavoni bases either!


This one was sold before it ever got listed, but we wanted to put it up for reference reasons.  So in case, anyone is wondering, these are pretty nice machines, and arguably "better built" than their La Pavoni brothers at this point.  

Zacconi "Baby Riviera" -- sold!

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