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Back to the Old Labor of Love

Recently returned from a long series of summer trips that gave me an even better excuse for not updating VoltAge110. Even better than, "It's not the only thing I do."

But coming back fresh means renewed energy for the real mission of this place. One I'm forced to remind people once in a while, who seem "offended" that, "Everything is sold!" and demand to know, "What do you have for sale not on the website???"

These folks are essentially indignant that this website could exist and there not be enough rebuilt vintage espresso gear for them to buy. Cheap. Right now.


So to clarify. The"reason" for that reality, is this is a Labor of Love. It's the opposite of say, Amazon.

VoltAge110 is not paying our bills (let alone for the road trips this summer!) So whatever shows up here (from written copy, to vintage gear) are things we've managed to get done in time not spent on other real life.

Having to say that out loud once in a while to people who "don't get it," reminds us the inspiration behind VoltAge110 should probably be more transparent.

So instead of trying to keep the website "information" focused, and as "inoffensive" as possible (the learned bourgeois impulse to appeal to "a wider audience") we're gonna drop that rationale, and stop hiding the "personality" (and politics) behind it.

VoltAge110 is a labor of love. Like most of our lives should be. (But obviously often aren't.) I understand most people don't feel they have the "luxury" of living like that, and instead spend most of their conscious lives doing stuff to "make money," rather than expressing their humanity.

But, lucky for us, VoltAge110 doesn't have to "make money."

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